Hojung Kim

Designing Persona Model Based Software Agent in Social Network Services Against Privacy Concerns

My research is motivated by the research gap that relatively few studies have focused on the practical approach through which a study would be able to propose possible solutions against privacy issues based on users’ instant responses. The research therefore aims to design a software agent which contributes to addressing the privacy issues in social network services based on the analysis of users’ emotional and behavioural responses. The research methods include qualitative interviews of the relevant stakeholders, a case study which includes user-oriented experiments to propose social network service user typology based on users’ perceptions of privacy and to identify users’ emotional and behavioural responses in privacy infringement situations, as well persona models developed based on the results of the experiments, and quantitative validation of the proposed user typology and persona models through prototyping. By creating the persona models, it is expected to better understand users’ perspective towards privacy concerns in social network services and to contribute to the enhancement of software agent in terms of privacy protection.

To find out more: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/hojungk