Vito Gentile

Design of touchless gestural interfaces for public displays

My research is focused on design touchless gestural interfaces that can be easily understood and used by passers-by in public places, to be included as part of public displays. The main aim of this research is to design interfaces that can appear “natural” to users, such that they don’t need to be trained in order to interact with the display. However, naturalness of interfaces is strictly related with the social acceptance of gestural interaction, so there is the need to observe users’ preferences and behaviours “in-the-wild”, that is outside any kind of controlled environment, but rather in the exact context in which a public display is typically deployed (e.g. squares, malls, fairs, and so on). In-the-wild experiments with public displays present several issues that need to be solved for executing proper tests, such as display and interaction blindness: users often do not glance at display because they assume advertisement-related content, and also when they look at it the interactivity of the system is not understood. To overcome such kind of problems, a new paradigm for a user interface is being constructed, to allow a natural interaction to be compatible with public contexts.

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