Yu-Han Wang

Cultural features for new product design development

Cultural and creative industry is a growing and profitable sector, particularly in the UK, which blends historical culture with modern creative design to promote one’s culture and to make profits. Some countries have embraced culturally oriented goods and utilized design as a means to attract consumers. Culture is considered as an important factor to create a meaningful connection between users and products in this research. My research focuses on how to use the traditional cultural features in modern product design and to make products meaningful to people. Therefore, the challenge of this research is to find out the emotional connection between users and cultural products and to enhance user-product emotional attachment. Firstly, the research focuses on how people perceive cultural products by conducting a survey with 140 Eastern and Western participants. The results of the survey supported the development of a toolkit which assists designers to enhance users’ emotional attachment to cultural products. This research is the first study to highlight human perception of cultural products to enrich user experience. The contribution of the research explores human emotions of cultural products and develops a novel toolkit to support designers in their idea generation process.

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