Theoretically guided HMI development for a driver assistance system

Wednesday 25/05/2011 2:00pm
Location: Brunel University, Howell Building, Room H313, third floor
Speaker: Dr Anke Schwarze, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany

This seminar will address the development of an HMI concept according to behavioural principles, exemplified by the development of a driver assistance system called VIDE. This system presents information which is directly relevant to the driver’s behaviour. If the system detects a deviation from the optimal status, the driver is informed of the appropriate behaviour. A driver who exceeds for example a given speed limit is shown this information by VIDE to slow down in order to comply with this speed limit. Likewise, the driver is advised to accelerate the vehicle when becoming too slow. The recommendation about the reduction or increase of the driving speed is presented by a vertical shift of a car symbol on the display. In the long run, it is intended to develop a calculation as accurate as possible, integrating all information relevant to driving. That way, the driver will not need to gather all the relevant information himself anymore. Hence, VIDE has the potential to become a core assistance system not only for speed control but for all functions necessary for driving safely and comfortable. Empirical tests of VIDE show that the system operates well; furthermore it is accepted by the participants.