Design for All, the cutting edge of innovation in social inclusion and economical growth

Friday 26/11/2010 12pm-1:00pm
Location: Design Exhibition Centre (DEC), Tower A, Brunel University, London, UK
Speaker: Avril Accolla, Milan Politecnico, Italy

Soon after its establishment in 1993, the European Institute for Design and Disability (EIDD) developed the mission statement: “Enhancing the quality of life through Design for All (DfA)”. After ten years as the European platform on Design for All, involving the development of external relations and an internal structure – national member organisations, corporate members and individual members now in sixteen European countries – EIDD believes that the time has come to issue a Design for All Declaration. Design for All is design for human diversity, social inclusion and equality. This holistic and innovative approach constitutes a creative and ethical challenge for all planners, designers, entrepreneurs, administrators and political leaders.

This research seminar will explore the Design for All approach, discussing how it differs from Universal and Inclusive design and how it aims to achieve the ambitious goal of satisfying aesthetic, business and accessibility wishes and needs of individuals and society. The seminar will focus on the poignant question of how DfA can be for all and whether such design aspiration is a utopia or a new conceptual tool that, although in progress, can leap forward society and its way to address diversity and inclusion. The seminar will explore the instrumental relationships between DfA, holistic ergonomics and marketing while developing design solutions, no matter if they are a building, a political campaign, a themed park, a city or society in itself. While the fruition of a product or service designed with DfA is pleasant, the application process of DfA is challenging and requires a substantial conceptual shift. The seminar will be an opportunity to explore the principles and methodologies that lead the DfA implementation.