Packaging Design and Communication Accessibility

Monday 26/09/2011 11:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Brunel University, Howell Building, Room H313
Speaker: Dr Erik Ciravegna, Politecnico di Milano, INDACO Department

By assuming a communication design perspective, the seminar will outline the user-centred approach to address the packaging design area and explore the potentialities of the project of information accessibility to deliver innovation from the user’s perspective. Packaging is conceptualised as a ‘device for access’, supporting the relations between product and user and ensuring the correct transfer of information. In this sense, communication design enhances its function of ‘facilitator’, enabling the access to contents (a set of data or an object) to different user-groups.
In this view, a number of case-studies about the ‘communication access’ to information as well as to the product and its use (information for interaction) will be presented. These research projects analyse the modalities through which packages allow the transfer of information and explore the factors that determine the communication access in relation to packaging informative and prescriptive functions. They aim, in particular, to: highlight the criticalities; determine some reference parameters; develop some guidelines for designers and packaging producers and users; and, lastly, implement some methods and tools on support of the project. Besides the graphical dimension, the research projects also investigate the qualities provided by the sensory modalities of sight and touch and their role in facilitating the access to information and to a product.

Erik Ciravegna is a research fellow at INDACO Department (Department of Industrial Design, Arts, Communication and Fashion) and lecturer at the School of Design in the Bachelor Degree Program in Communication Design (Politecnico di Milano). His research interest is in the field of packaging design, focusing on the communication qualities of packages, and social responsibilities of designers; he also works on methods and tools (both digital and analogical) on support of the project. As a visual designer, he has developed communication tools for brand and product identity.