Design for experience

Wednesday 11/03/2015 3:00 - 4:00
Location: TOWA049
Speaker: Paul Hekkert

Prof. Paul Hekkert is full professor of form theory, and head of the Industrial Design department, at Delft University of Technology

Paul conducts research on the ways products impact human experience and behavior and has published articles dealing with product experience and aesthetics. He is co-editor of 'Design and Emotion: The experience of everyday things' (2004) and 'Product experience' (2008) and co-authored 'A guidebook for innovators' (2011).

Paul's work is driven by the desire to understand how people experience the world around them, especially through the everyday objects and services that have been designed for that world. He focuses on questions of aesthetics – why we like what we like – and meaning – what these designs mean to us. Inspired by evolutionary psychology, Paul is particularly interested in identifying the universal principles underlying these experiences, and showing how these principles manifest at group and individual levels.

In this talk, Paul will discuss research in product experience and human centred Vision in Product design approach and will focus on recent studies on the indirect and long term consequence of design for our behaviour and well-being.

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