Understanding touch screen mobile phone users by Taxonomy of Experience (ToE)

Tuesday 25/01/2011 12pm-1:00pm
Location: Brunel Design, Tower A, Room TA049
Speaker: Wen-Chia (Nikii) Wang, PhD Researcher, Brunel University, School of Engineering & Design

The aim of this study is to understand user experience of touch screen mobile phones and to provide design principles from users’ perspectives. The importance of user experience in the product design process has been discussed in recent decades. Diverse quantitative methodologies attempt to understand users by evaluating their attitudes, expectations, emotion, concept of the object, judgment of the product and so forth. However, user experience is subjective and difficult to measure. Whilst many researchers tend to transform user experience to quantitative data, Coxon’s (2007) Taxonomy of Experience (ToE), and its analytic approach of SEEing, uncover an understanding of the user experience through qualitative analysis. The term ‘SEEing’ attempts to differentiate from the processes of thinking, but still associates with the thinking process. The nine steps of the SEEing process aim to clarify the user’s experience. It begins by transforming the user’s verbal commentary and ends in a synthesis of super-ordinary metaphors. This study thus applies ToE-SEEing to deeply understand mobile phone users, especially their interaction experience with touch screen mobile phones. The outcomes of this research study provide alternative design elements from the users’ perspectives whilst designing the interface for the touch screen mobile phone.