Towards a convergent model of motivation in the design

Tuesday 08/12/2009 1:00pm-2:00pm
Location: Brunel Design Tower A, Room TA049
Speaker: Fergus Bisset, BA (Hons), ISIA

This presentation presents a literature supported model of organismic human motivation. Put another way – it presents an updated interpretation of Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, an interpretation arguably more suited to design in the interfaced, networked and dynamic world in which we live. The framework is intended to help designers explore, anticipate and visualise the innate underlying regulatory processes of human motivation rather than simply mapping their explicitly observable features or outcomes.

It is hoped that this in turn might lead to design of products, systems and services that are more accountable, more engaging, more sustainable and more democratic. Less ambitiously, it is intended as a tool to help designers target their innovations toward more intrinsic accommodation of user needs. The model will be introduced with reference to ongoing exploratory and established design and public engagement research projects with which Fergus is participating in and outside the School of Engineering and Design. These case studies will help highlight how the model can potentially help designers develop a deeper understanding of innate user behaviour, develop motivating products and realise more sustainable and democratic public services.